Damelin Online

Damelin Online provides quality, student-focused education delivered through an innovative technology platform and industry-relevant programmes. We strive to be an international online educational institution, providing quality online qualifications and training. We have curated industry-relevant course content, equipping our students with the skills and knowledge to commence and excel in their careers.

Lyceum Online

Lyceum Online is a modernisation fo Lyceum College, founded in 1917 with a proud history of providing higher education distance learning in South Africa. In 2003 Lyceum Online is an unparalleled Online pedagogy with personal support and brings a variety of online programmes to South African students. These are comprised of fully qualified online degrees and diplomas, as wel as non-accredited short courses. Presently, a Bachelor of Commerce in Management and a Diploma in Management are being offered as accredited online degrees.

CityVarsity Online

By harnessing the power of educational technology, CityVarsity Online offers graduates and working creatives an opportunity to learn on the go, without taking time away from their busy working. Study Whenever, from Wherever you are! Whether you’re looking to study for the first time or you want to supplement your CV, we’ve got the right course for you!

Damelin Future Studies

Unlock your path to practical, quality career options with Damelin Future Studies. Expertly designed to answer the challenges of the digital employment age, Damelin Future Studies provides convenient, affordable, future-proofed short learning programmes for the future-focused individual.

LCIBS Online

LCIBS Online offers cutting edge programmes for working professionals. As an international education institution, we equip you with the skills necessary to meet rapidly advancing world challenges. Industry experts write our programmes. Delivery takes place through an online learning platform. Acquire practical skills and knowledge that advance your professional development on completion of an LCIBS Online programme.

Damelin Matric School

Damelin Matric School offers curriculum online through Damelin Correspondence College. We provide the opportunity to complete your National Senior Certificate or Amended Senior Certificate to obtain your Matric online, using the same collaboration and reference library that class-attending students use.

As a correspondence student, have access to the same support and learning experience as regular students.

Whether you do a full or partial curriculum, have the experience and access to quality systems and materials through delivery on our online learning platform.

Want to complete your Matric for the first time or rewrite your Matric for a better result? As a high school student or adult, our learning platform allows you to work around your schedule.

ICESA Matric School

ICESA Matric School offers an experience of collaborative engagement that puts the student within a creative problem-solving context, with teachers who fulfil a mentorship role using engaging materials.

Matric learners can access materials and teachers online for guidance, and engage with fellow students in a social discussion setting around educational events.

Obtain your Matric certificate fully online, whether you require a National Senior Certificate as a high school learner, or an Amended Senior Certificate if you are over 21 years of age. Work around your schedule and have access to our online learning platform for learning materials and assistance.